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Miniature parks are one of our specialties at M2Leisure. We have the experience to develop, consult and support your miniature park or city development.

M2Leisure has gained extensive knowledge of miniature parks. It can provide thorough advice on the development, the project process and operational knowledge of miniature parks. Besides this, M2Leisure can also take the role as project manager and relief you from any worries. We are able to carry out a miniature park project from beginning to end or support you within different steps. M2Leisure has a strong connection with the organisation of the worldwide known miniature city Madurodam in The Hague.


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The role of M2Leisure for a miniature park project can include the following:

  • Desk & market research
  • Concept development
  • Program development
  • Master planning & design
  • Design management
  • Research and pre-selection of designers, architects & other consultants
  • Tendering support
  • Functional & operational specifications
  • Operational start-up
  • Operational consultancy
  • Project management



M2Leisure currently works on various projects and has received requests which include miniature park or city development. The projects are located worldwide. Take a look at some of our projects, click on a picture in the right column of this page for extensive information about our miniature park projects or read about the projects below:



The project consists of a complete turn-around of the miniature park Madurodam. The turn-around includes a € 8 Million investment in a modern park by adding of approximately 30 interactive exhibits which, in combination with digital information is readily available through the park by using touch screens and other media.
Three months after the realisation of the new Madurodam they already received a million visitors. Read more>>>



M2Leisure was asked to set-up the tender documents and to provide a spot plan of the miniature park. This means that we delivered a document which comprises of a basic description of the models, including preferred materials and starting points of a miniature park. The spot plan gives a schematic proposal of the various zones and building types. At the moment the construction of the park is ongoing and M2Leisure is working on the masterplan of old Kuwait miniature city and the further design. Read more>>>


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No matter the location or size of the project, M2Leisure is able to manage your project and make it a success. Feel free to contact us for more information, send an e-mail to



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