Construction of Plopsaqua reaches highest point


Reaching the highest point of the construction was celebrated with the installation of the launch platform of water slide Superloop. Plopsaqua is the new water park of Plopsaland De Panne, which opens in April 2015. The water slide Superloop is unique to Belgium. Swimmers fall straight down into the slide, after opening a hatch under both feet. The water park of Plopsaland De Panne will be completely themed and decorated around the Studio 100 character Vicky the Viking.


Plopsaqua is going to be an indoor season proof water park of 4.000 square meters. The water park will have amongst others a 25-meter pool with 4 lanes, a water play structure with 4 pools and 6 slides and lots of other attractions for all ages and target groups. Visitors will enjoy different sound and light effects. Thus storm will be simulated and also the slides have various special effects.


M2Leisure helps with the development of the water park. We delivered input and consulted about the concept, program and design of the entire water park. Furthermore M2Leisure supports Plopsa with decision making processes and advises on operational aspects. The expertise of product development and in depth knowledge of swimming pools of M2Leisure was a good basis for cooperation with Plopsa. Plopsa invests 16 million euros in the water park.

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