Glamping in China


The Chinese government is more reluctant to sell land for holiday resort development; on the other hand it is strongly stimulating tourism and leisure development in rural areas. Investors in leisure and resort development are therefore looking for flexible solutions to create attractive weekend and holiday escapes in nature. M2Leisure has recently developed various Glamping concepts and master plans for some of these investors. Glamping (Glamorous + Camping) offers the opportunity for tourists to spend leisure time in the middle of nature in more luxurious accommodation like safari tents, RVs, wooden houses or tree houses. Additional advantages for the investor are lower overall investment and quicker development time.

Flexible resort-like accommodation with great views

Our customers’ current glamping projects in well-known touristic destinations like Yellow Mountains, Sanya and Hubei province, will, after opening, offer a mix of flexible resort-like accommodation with great views, private gardens and restaurants. These leisure parks will also contain an all-age outdoor activity programme for the resort guests as well as for one-day visitors who can come to visit the park to enjoy outdoor life and activities like high adventure, caving or water sports.  The first 200.000 m2 Glamping in Mount Qiyun (Yellow Mountains) is currently under construction and is due to open in May 2016.

Picture: M2Leisure Asia team members at the entrance area of a future Glamping project

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