M2Leisure is creating special concepts for city centers and larger trade centers. The M2Leisure team is supported in this area by John Rombouts. John’s background is retail oriented where he worked as manager for large retailers like IKEA, (the startup of) Fashion Outlet Batavia in Lelystad (NL), MAKRO/METRO and created different distinguishing retail concepts for the Russian market. In the Netherlands John is active in renewing city centers, to “fight” the increasing number of empty locations in city centers and together with local governments, real estate companies and other stakeholders re-enforcing the strengths of city centers and trade centers by increasing traffic, enlarging catchment areas and making customers visit centers more often again.

Already for quite some years John is an partner in retail oriented projects of M2Leisure as well as for Leisure projects by M2Leisure in Russia. Main strengths of John are concept creation, start-up of (greenfield) new concepts and projects, management of companies and “maneuver” companies within its life cycle process into a healthy environment again.

We are looking forward to have a look together with you in order to see how M2Leisure is able to help you to make your retail project, city center or your trade center the real distinguishing traffic generator in which many customers and guests will feel at home as their preferred destination.
Running Retail-Leisure projects at M2Leisure for example are the ARIC shopping and entertainment center in Moscow and a Family entertainment center in the south of the Netherlands.

At the request of a Russian development company, M2Leisure will launch a new “Shopping and Entertainment” center as a base for a chain of renewed shopping malls. Our mission is to transform the place from “a wrecked terrain” to an interesting and competitive “traffic generator” with a very “unique character”. M2Leisure has made a feasibility study, market research and provided a corresponding advice to the client.

M2Leisure is involved in the redevelopment of cities in the Netherlands and in particular to provide cities with a new and attractive élan. We have made a “city analysis” with an inventory of “unique core values” which can be further developed to a much larger range and care area from Dutch cities. As a specific part, M2Leisure has elaborated an entertainment concept that is not only unique to the Netherlands, but also ensures that a large part of the city center offers new appeal, which also makes it attractive for other entrepreneurs to settle in close proximity.

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