M2Leisure is assisting in acquiring a wine chateau for a Chinese partner


M2Leisure is assisting in acquiring a wine chateau for a Chinese partner in the Bordeaux area. We are looking for a chateau not more than an hour from Bordeaux, with a minimum production of 100.000 bottles, a representative estate and building, preferably in the Medoc area, no major refurbishment necessary and we would like to have spare rooms to create a small boutique hotel. We have visited several chateaus at the end of 2013 and we will again in spring 2014.

China is a large consumer of wine and of all the wines Chinese consume 95% is red wine. In China, wine is predominantly consumed during larger diners and celebrations. It is a symbol because of the color and of the prestigious brand names. The Chinese generally prefer the merlot wine, because it is softer. For most Chinese cabernet sauvignon wine is too strong. However, the most expensive and prestigious wine in China is Mouton Rothschild with 95% cabernet sauvignon. This is evidence that wine in China is not consumed for the taste, but for the name. In recent years this is gradually changing and people are more consuming wine at home and enjoy wine.

It is therefore not surprising that last year China has become the largest consumer of Bordeaux wine in the world. Although China is becoming more open for other French wines and wines from the new world, Bordeaux wines are by far more popular in China. In 2013 28 chateaus were sold in the Bordeaux area and Chinese investors acquired 23 of them.



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