Meet our team: Liesbeth van der Linden


In order to get to know us better, we would like to introduce you to our team members. In every edition of our newsletter we will present one of our colleagues to you. Today we would like to introduce Liesbeth van der Linden, director of M2Leisure Asia.

What lead you to pursue a career at M2Leisure?
Having been in Shanghai, China for 3 years now and seeing what is currently available in China in terms of good quality holiday resorts, or hide-aways for short breaks, the offer is quite restricted. Also for children the number of leisure outlets, indoor playgrounds and water parks that are safe and clean are limited. On the other hand, more and more people are looking for ways to escape the cities’ hustle and bustle and pollution and can afford to take short breaks and holidays. M2Leisure has collected extensive market information showing the growing demand for leisure developments in China and in other parts of Asia. It is quite fascinating to live in this fast changing part of the world, working for a professional specialist in the leisure business and maybe make a small contribution by developing successful leisure projects for families and children to spend their precious free time together. 

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part is definitely discussing new projects with clients. The level of ambition of project owners and investors and the huge scope of many of the projects, particularly in China, never seize to amaze me.

What does M2Leisure mean to you?
During the week I am spending time for M2 working on projects from the office, talking to clients or travelling to visit project sites. In my free time or when I am travelling during my holidays, I am consciously or subconsciously always on the lookout for great new hospitality concepts, innovative leisure product ideas or new holiday destinations or locations which could also be useful in my work for M2Leisure. In a way I am often busy with work-related matters, without feeling I am actually working.

What do you like to do in the weekend?
As a family we love to go out for a good meal with friends and other families we have come to know in Shanghai. I also like to spend time on the soccer field to support my youngest son’s team and I usually go for a run to try to stay fit and burn off some calories from all the great food in Shanghai.

Favorite holiday destination of all times?
Going on safari and glamping in Kenya /Tanzania, diving in the Maldives and relaxing in Bali.

Favorite food / restaurant?
Mr. and Mrs. Bund in Shanghai: stunning view of the city’s skyline, terrific food, great service and down-to-earth atmosphere.

For what can we wake you up for?
For typical Dutch food products that are not available in China. For those who know these Dutch specialties: eierkoeken, boerenkool and fresh stroopwafels.

What is your biggest achievement / what are you most proud of?
We have only just started M2Leisure in Asia this year, so we have not had the chance to finalize a full project from A-Z yet. However, we are in touch with some great companies that we are supporting in their plans for large-scale leisure developments. So, I guess our biggest achievement with M2Leisure is still to come when our team gets to experience the opening of the first theme park or holiday park in Asia developed by M2.



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