Meet our team: Marleen ten Damme


In order to get to know us better, we would like to introduce you to our team members. In every edition of our newsletter we will present one of our colleagues to you. First we start with Project Manager Marleen ten Damme.

What lead you to pursue a career at M2Leisure?
I started with my internship in July 2012 as part of my education at Hotelschool The Hague. I learned that my interest is in a combination of project management and development in a young and international leisure company. As an intern I worked on a variety of projects including the organization of the sales of 69 villas at Premium Resort Le Rocchine (Italy). I currently work on several projects for M2Leisure and in the future my aim is to become more active as Project Manager from development to execution of worldwide projects.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I like the wide variety of tasks, the possibility to determine and organize my own tasks and the ability of bringing a project to the next level together with the team. In the coming years my goal is to not only develop these projects from paper but also have my involvement in the actual development. And last but not least, the travelling and worldwide contacts are a great part of my work!

Which projects are you working on at the moment?
Currently the main project I am working on is Program Management for our Middle East Project. The involvement from almost the beginning of the project, the insight in new cultures and habits, the development of this park with several specialists and an increasing role for me in the team is what makes this project very interesting. Besides the Middle East project I have a role in several projects in Croatia, The Netherlands and Turkey.

What do you like to do in weekend?
In my weekends I like being with friends, going out for dinner (especially Lebanese food), doing sports, visiting  concerts, festivals, doing as much travelling and seeing the world as possible!

Favorite played song on iTunes?
At the moment, The knocks – Comfortable (Oliver Nelson Remix) and in general all songs of John Mayer.

Favorite holiday destination?
Sri Lanka is definitely the most beautiful country I have ever visited as a tourist. Beautiful nature, culture and people in an upcoming touristic country!

What is something interesting about you that few know yet?
In June this year I will be travelling to China to be present at the IAAPA in Beijing. I’m very excited and much looking forward to meet new people, to do benchmarks and seek possibilities for M2Leisure.

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