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The Global Construction Pipeline Report by STR shows that in in the third quarter 2013 the Asia Pacific hotel development sector has 1829 hotels in the pipeline, which totals 401.024 hotel rooms. The extensive development pipeline is not only visible in the hotel industry but also in the leisure industry with continuous projects such as amusement parks and water park openings.

M2Leisure is notifying this demand in their project portfolio and is currently active in a number of Asian projects. Next to the Senbo Resort project, in which M2Leisure is active for over 2 years, there are two other project in which M2Leisure is playing a role. Expected is that the number of projects in this region will expand.

The Senbo Resort project, owned by the New Century Tourism Group, is in the detailed design phase and the building phase of the project is expected to start in 2014. M2Leisure is managing the entire Senbo Resort project up until operations and is preparing the documentation to speed up the process for the construction phase.

Our partner in Vietnam has started the development of a new 3 star hotel concept. Together with an architect from France and a business developer from Singapore he is leading this project. An Indonesian and Vietnamese investment group has shown interest to further develop and roll out this budget hotel chain all over Asia. The project planning is to rollout 120 hotels in 10 years in countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines etc. The budget hotel chain concept is based on low costs building, quick construction time and high quality.

A project developer acquired a piece of land in Bali with the purpose to develop a resort and leisure project. Negotiations with the project developer are ongoing on which role M2Leisure will fulfill in this project.

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