Membership Resort Middle East

Middle East

One of the key projects of M2Leisure is the development of a Membership Resort within the Middle East. The goal of this project is creating an extensive leisure resort with a wide range of activities, facilities, accommodations and F&B outlets. The resort will include an outdoor water park, various F&B outlets, a hotel, a B2B centre, entertainment centers & activities and various types of accommodations.

The Arabic heritage is an important factor that influences the entire project. This interesting country and project brings along many great challenges for which innovative solutions have to be created.

As delegated project manager, M2Leisure is the ‘right hand’ of the principal. We translate the thoughts and wishes of the principal together with the expert input of our project managers into ideas, plans and concepts. The entire course of project management and program management is coordinated by M2Leisure. A key role of M2Leisure is the operational management of the entire project. The development process of this membership resort includes creating and designing all the facilities, accommodations and activities.

During the whole process, the expertise of our team and the expertise of our business partners are deployed in order to aim for the maximum result. Eventually, the developments will result in a complete ‘oasis in the desert’.


Project Specifications

Client: Classified Information

Location: Middle East

Size: 440 ha

Total investment of: € 150 Million

Role M2Leisure: (delegated) project management and program management for the complete resort including F&B, outdoor water park, hotel, B2B and entertainment centers & activities.

Status: Site preparation in execution, design development realized

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