Nangong Kids Adventure Park

Wangzuo, Beijing, China


The client’s wish was to develop an indoor adventure world for families from Beijing with children until the age of 14. Due to the botanical garden in the existing glass building where the adventure world had to be developed, elements of nature, interaction with children and animals and edutainment had to be brought together in a 15.000 m2 area.


M2Leisure has translated the client’s ideas of combining the world’s nature, culture, animals and education and brought these together in a whole new concept for the Nangong kids indoor adventure park. The concept was supported by a story line, which takes the visitor from continent to continent experiencing natural elements and learning about countries and cultures inside and outside Asia. M2Leisure was responsible for the lay-out and suggested the client on activities inside the adventure world.


Project Specifications

Client: Beijing Nangong Hengye Real Estate

Location: Wangzuo, Beijing, China

Size: 15.000 m2

Total investment of: RMB 150 mln

Role M2Leisure: M2Leisure was responsible for concept development and master plan

Status: schematic design - delivered

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