Schloss Tiefenau

Wülknitz, Germany. In the triangle between Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin.

In 1948 the historical Castle of Tiefenau was blown up. Together with the remaining outbuildings and grounds, Schloss Tiefenau BV, wants to rebuild the Castle into a hotel including villas and a golf course. The project partly overlaps with and is adjacent to nature areas. The renovated chapel is another point of attraction in the park.

The components of the park are:  – a castle hotel with 80 apartments, a bar, a restaurant, a ballroom and conference rooms,  – a holiday park with 220 houses for 2 to 12 persons,  – a swimming pool with sauna and spa,  –  a 9-hole Golf course including a Golf Academy and some more central facilities in the park.

M2Leisure delivered a feasibility study and business plan, a master planning and an investment budget. At the moment we are charting the recent status of the program and are setting up a program matrix for the accommodations and central facilities following the budget difference. Furthermore we support the revision of the master plan from a feasibility perspective and adapt the program within the existing business plan and general operational input.


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Project Specifications

Client: Schloss Tiefenau BV

Location: Wülknitz, Germany. In the triangle between Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin.

Size: 300 units, 2500 square meter central facilities, 2100 square meter Food & Beverage

Total investment of: € 65 Million

Role M2Leisure: Review the master plan, provide accommodation concepts and assist in project management and further development such as feasibility and business models

Status: Ongoing

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