Recreation consultants

Are you looking for top recreation consultants to make every recreation project a success? Then do not look any further. M2Leisure provides expert knowledge in the recreation industry.

The recreation consultants at M2Leisure manage entire leisure projects from start to finish, worldwide. These projects include various recreational facilities, including water parks, hotels, restaurants, outdoor activities etc. As an international recreation consultancy company we advise, manage and bring together professionals with extensive global experience in order to carry out what is best for the project.

Due to years of experience in the holiday and leisure industry, the team has extensive knowledge to provide recreation consultancy for a wide range of projects. Our team is able to handle to most divers and challenging assignments and can provide advice for new and existing businesses.

At the moment we have projects in the Middle East, China, The Netherlands, Canada and many others. Our consultants will always keep in mind the local culture and trends.

The consultancy that we offer is in-depth, yet to the point. The leisure consultants also have years of experience in operations, therefore the advice of M2Leisure is implementable. Besides that we can extend our leisure consultancy service with operational support. So for whichever recreation project you need advice, M2Leisure can provide recreation consultancy for any recreation or leisure business.

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