Leisure development

M2Leisure is a leisure development organization and is specialized in the development of leisure facilities. We have specific expertise in resort development, family holiday park development and water park development, but also hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities. We can deliver complete turn-key leisure development or we can assist in a specific phase of the development. No matter what type of project, with our dedication and passion, we relief you from any concerns.

The turn-key development means that we manage the complete leisure development from begin to end. This is unique in the leisure industry. The turn-key process includes all of the steps involved to develop, open and operate a (large scale) leisure facility: including site selection, master planning, feasibility, business plan, concept development, construction coordination, complete installation, pre-opening planning, training and post-opening operational support.

We continuously work on our portfolio. Currently we have projects worldwide, including in the Middle East, China, The Netherlands and Canada.

Some of our projects on  leisure development are:

So if you are looking for a leisure development company to support or grow your organization, do not look any further and contact us for more information!


leisure development 1 - Madurodam

leisure development 2 - concept and product