Our Team

Michiel Illy

Specialities: Marketing, Operations, Leisure, Development and Innovations

Our Team

You can expect a huge dedication and passion of our team towards all projects we are working on.  Our informal approach, open communication, short lines and our broad network characterize our organisation.

Niels Berben

Specialities: Development, Project and Program Management

Dim Hemeltjen

Specialities: Product, Program and Project Management

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Linda Verhoeven

Specialities: Project assistance, management secretary

Annett Arndt

Specialities: Project Management, Architect

Malou Versloot

Specialities: Market research, Program management

Martin Riemens

Specialities: Change management, Organization technical services and maintenance

Liesbeth van der Linden

Specialities: Business Development Asia, Project Management

André Roelofs

Specialities: Project development, leisure real estate services, operations and exploitation

Klaus Wäschle

Specialities: Development, Operations, Program & Project Management

John Rombouts

Specialities: change management, greenfield/start-ups, turnaround & retail for the Russian market.

Coen Schelfhorst

Specialities: strategic consultancy, project management, project development

John Fähmel

Specialities: Master Planning, Archictecture

Alain Trouvé

Specialities: master planning, integration of park operations specifications in projects, overall management

Frank Hensens

Specialities: project management and operational consultancy

Lars Goldenbogen

Specialities: Leisure concept creation, project development and consulting

Xavier Young

Specialities: Project development and management, Master planning, Environmental engineering, Solar/thermal engineer

Christophe JEAN-LOUIS

Specialities: Development, Master Planning & Architecture

Jerry Goldberg

Specialities: Strategy, M&A, Sales & Marketing

Corine Persijn

Specialities: water park consultancy

Yannick Langlade

Specialities: Development, Operations Management, Program and Project Management

Wouter Minkhorst

Specialities: Concept design, project and process management, research reports and feasibility studies.

Henk Hiddingh

Specialities: conceptualisation, exploitations of animal park, innovative experiences and project financing

Jan Kempe

Specialities: imagineering, innovative experiences, design and theming  

Erik Heidema

Specialities: Concept and Development, Operations, Project and Program Management

Petya Indzhova

Specialities: Project Assistant