Our Team

Our team

You can expect a huge dedication and passion of our team towards all projects we ..read more

Michiel Illy

Specialities: Marketing, Operations, Leisure, Development and Innovations

Jenny Impens

Specialities: Development, Project and Program Management

Martin Riemens

Specialities: Change management, Organization technical services and maintenance

Klaus Wäschle

Specialities: Development, Operations, Program & Project Management

John Rombouts

Specialities: change management, greenfield/start-ups, turnaround & retail for the Russian market.

Coen Schelfhorst

Specialities: strategic consultancy, project management, project development

John Fähmel

Specialities: Master Planning, Archictecture

Alain Trouvé

Specialities: master planning, integration of park operations specifications in projects, overall management

Frank Hensens

Specialities: project management and operational consultancy

Lars Goldenbogen

Specialities: Leisure concept creation, project development and consulting

Christophe JEAN-LOUIS

Specialities: Development, Master Planning & Architecture

Jerry Goldberg

Specialities: Strategy, M&A, Sales & Marketing

Corine Persijn

Specialities: water park consultancy

Yannick Langlade

Specialities: Development, Operations Management, Program and Project Management

Henk Hiddingh

Specialities: conceptualisation, exploitations of animal park, innovative experiences and project financing

Erik Heidema

Specialities: Concept and Development, Operations, Project and Program Management